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Save 15% on Okino's SOLIDWORKS-centric 3D conversion & optimization software for new orders placed before April 30th 2019. Please mention this special offer when placing the final order.

Arrow A Quick 'Features & Benefits' Overview

Please visit our main overview page for further details.

Okino's PolyTrans|CAD is a cross industry standard for moving SOLIDWORKS 3D assembly and part files asset data into all major 3D animation, VisSim, VR/AR, and other downstream 3D application packages or 3D file formats. Our solutions are used around the world by all well known companies. Reliability, robustness and personal one-on-one developer-to-customer support have been the basis of our business over the last 2 decades.

Fundamental uses of our products to SOLIDWORKS users have included:

  • PolyTrans|CAD imports crack-free geometry (assembly data), hierarchy and materials from native disk-based SOLIDWORKS files or from a running copy of SOLIDWORKS. It then subsequently optimizes and converts the data intelligently into all major 3D file formats, animation packages, military, VisSim, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems (such as Unity and Unreal Engine), and third party/OEM integrations. A subset of secondary functionality also provides for high-end rendering, viewing and scene composition of the SOLIDWORKS data.

  • SOLIDWORKS models can be effortlessly and directly imported into such popular & common programs as 3ds Max, Cinema-4D (C4D), LightWave and Maya, and all major downstream file formats ranging from AutoCAD, COLLADA, DWF-3D, FBX (for Unity, Unreal and MODO), NGRAIN 3KO to Acrobat-3D (PDF via U3D), OpenFlight, SketchUp and dozens more.

  • Further post processing can be done with Okino's model/node compression and polygon reduction systems for downstream virtual and augmented reality HMDs (such as Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Meta and other forthcoming headsets). The 'go to' tool for 80-98% reduction of SOLIDWORKS models for VR/AR in Unity, Unreal Engine, HoloLens, Rift, VIVE and under-powered tablet devices.

  • Resulting translated SOLIDWORKS files are 'Render Ready' meaning that they can be loaded and rendered in the destination program with no changes necessary. Just convert and go!

  • Okino's "CAD Scene and Hierarchy Optimization System" allows for the conversion of super-ultra-massive SOLIDWORKS datasets that would otherwise take down other conversion software.

  • Complete control over material parameter modification on an automatic basis. The material tweak parameters easily allow such saturated shading values to be automatically compensated.

  • Please also refer to Okino's NuGraf which includes all the functionality of PolyTrans in addition to advanced photo-realistic rendering capabilities, material editors and libraries, and a richer user interface.