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Leaders in Mathematically Precise 3D CAD, VR/AR & Animation/DCC
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Okino software & related solutions are used throughout the world by many tens of thousands of 3D professionals in mission & production critical environments, backed by respectable personal support directly from our core development team. If you are new to Okino then please take a moment to read this page about what has made our software's usage so wide spread throughout the 3D industry. Okino's core and founding philosophy has been "one to one" personal, openly friendly + educational customer communications, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today's software industry.

Okino software is (ideally) tailored to the MCAD & DCC conversion requirements of each of our new or existing users. Hence, before you delve into the Okino WEB site, please take a moment to follow step (1) of our software evaluation process. One of the most important considerations in a flawless conversion process is the choice of the source 3D CAD or MCAD file format as best explained herein.

For inquiries please contact Okino Computer Graphics at:

Email: sales@okino.com (primary communciations)
Toll free (North America): 1-888-3D-OKINO (1-888-336-5466)
Telephone: 905-672-9328

Email is always the most efficient and direct means of communication with Okino as we run on a wide-world business time clock, not a North American aligned time clock. You can communicate with our same staff at some point during your world-wide business day.

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