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3D ProEngineer and Creo File Importer, Converter and Translator

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Arrow Importing and Converting from PTC Pro/E and Creo CAD Files

For over 25 years Okino Computer Graphics has provided the absolute defacto Pro/E & 'Creo Elements/Pro' conversion system used throughout the world by our user base of many tens of thousands of 3D professionals for mission and application-critical applications. We utilize an embedded version of the actual Pro/E & Creo software inside of Okino's software, allowing for 100% error free import of native, encrypted Creo assemblies, part files and instance accelerator files. There is technically no other more ideal or error free conversion pipeline available for native Creo data. No intermediate file formats are used nor are reverse engineered CAD toolkits used to access the Creo data.

Please take a moment to review the Okino Granite Importer overview, which explains how the embedded PTC Granite technology relates to this Okino CAD importer pipeline and click here to view Okino's Creo importer online help, feature list and option descriptions.

Important Note: are you being told on forums or by others to invest in a Creo converter costing $1200 and up, thinking that cost equates to something special or better? Unfortunately the world of CAD conversion has been rife with hypocrisy and misleading advertising + information for decades (especially on forums where people trade incorrect information or insiders promote their own expensive product offerings). These $1200 and up solutions use reverse-engineered technology from France and India, and do not utilize the real PTC Pro/Engineer + Creo technology that Okino has licensed for decades. You are paying these inflated prices due to the hidden, back-end double licensing costs from secondary, reverse engineering companies and hence are not obtaining a 1:1, streamlined and lossless conversion. Most people can't tell an apple from an orange in the world of CAD translation software, whereas at Okino we fully educate and train our new + existing users about the proper way to do such conversions. Our ProE/Creo module is highly subsidized through Okino's OEM revenue stream at only US$395, not 6 times that number as sold by other vendors who do not actually provide native ProE/Creo conversion technology. Also, keep in mind that resellers and dealers will always want to sell you the most expensive solution available because they can make upwards of 50% of that price as their take-home profit. Okino software has always been priced fairly so that all mid- and high-end professionals can easily gain access to the best conversion technology on the market. Also, be on the watch for companies offering "clean up" tools along with their CAD importers - our native CAD importers bring in the data properly, such that face flipping and associated clean-up is technically not needed, when sourced from a BREP manifold solids native CAD file (as all files should).

Pipe Tensioner This CAD pipeline solution allows complete Creo parts and assemblies to be converted cleanly and professionally to all other major 3D file formats, animation packages, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems (such as Unity and Unreal Engine), and visual simulation programs. It also allows all disparate departments of large enterprise companies (such as engineering, design, marketing and support) to easily exchange product data without the need to rebuild their CAD datasets -- downstream uses include product documentation and manual creation, animation and rendering software, visual communication and review of data, and for accessing easier to manipulate versions of the original CAD datasets.

Okino's Creo CAD conversion pipeline is synonymous with moving complex Creo assemblies into VR/AR for Unity & Unreal, 3ds Max, Cinema-4D (C4D), Maya, LightWave, Blender and many common downstream 3D applications. In addition, Okino's Creo conversion system is used in conjunction with many OEM and third party vendor integrations, and for re-purposing Creo assembly data into all major 3D downstream 3D file formats such as COLLADA, DirectX, DGN, DXF/DWG, FBX, HOOPS/DWF-3D, JT Open, NGRAIN, OpenFlight, OSG/IVE, PLY, Rhino/OpenNURBS, SketchUp, U3D (Acrobat-3D, 3D PDF), VRML1+2+X3D, Wavefront OBJ, XAML-3D, and XGL.

The software can also be used to convert source data from PTC's 'Creo Elements/Direct Modeling' (previously called Co-Create) and PTC 'Product View' visualization files (.PVZ, .PVS, .OL).

Okino's NuGraf software provides additional support for photo-realistic rendering and scene composition, 3D data and hierarchy optimization and built-in polygon reduction for handling those truly huge scenes that other downstream applications can't handle without reduction.

Example Creo Conversions via Okino Software:

Pipe Tensioner Genexis Screw Driver

Img Img Img

Honda #1 Honda #2 Honda #3

Gas Turbine Integen Cobra Radios

3D Joint Arm up Close Arm

Img Img Img

Img Img Img

GLX # 1 GLX # 2 GLX # 3

Click on any image to see full size rendering and copyright information.
Visit our Customer Image Gallery for more images derived from ProE/Creo data.

Okino's NuGraf and PolyTrans products have become well established and recognized companion products for Creo users:

Honda #9

They have been written to handle complex and large CAD data from their inceptions in 1988. As such, they can easily import huge assemblies and not become bogged down during interactive data manipulation or during its scanline/ray-trace rendering. Other animation and rendering packages, not designed originally for CAD data, will often slow down when a large number of objects exist in the scene. Try our demo and see for yourself that indeed NuGraf and PolyTrans are efficient and easy to use packages for Creo data.
Okino has licensed the core Pro/Engineer + Creo software from PTC, known as the PTC Granite BREP-solids Kernel, so that assemblies, part files, colors and hierarchy can be read natively and directly from Creo datasets. This Creo importer is available as one component of the Okino Granite/Pack license.

NuGraf, and its sibling product PolyTrans, are also used the world over to convert native Creo assemblies and parts to dozens of other major 3D file formats. If you already own a major 3D modeling or animation package then NuGraf or PolyTrans can move Creo data into these packages via a wide variety of supported 3D export file formats.

Fundamental uses of our PolyTrans and NuGraf products to Creo users have included:

  • Moving complex Creo assemblies into any and all major 3D animation packages to allow access to the plethora of excellent animation features from programs such as 3ds Max, Cinema-4D, Maya, LightWave, Blender and others.

  • Conversion and down-sizing of complex Creo CAD assemblies into Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Provides extreme compression of Creo CAD datasets into light weight models for visualization with Microsoft HoloLens, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Meta and other forthcoming VR headsets.

  • Direct import of Creo assemblies from within the user interfaces of 3ds Max and Maya via the special native PolyTrans-for-Maya and PolyTrans-for-3dsMax plug-in systems. These have been very popular conversion pipelines to our customers.

  • Once the Creo data has been imported into PolyTrans or NuGraf it can be optimized, reduced in complexity, photo-realistically rendered (as well as have lights, cameras, materials, textures and uv-texture coordinates assigned) then re-exported to all major 3D file formats. Okino has been the recognized industry leader in 3D data translation and re-purposing for the last 3 decades so all of this software is highly refined and robust.

  • Import into Okino's own NuGraf package (elder and more complex version of PolyTrans) for faster and more accurate rendering + scene layout. This package has been refined over the last 25+ years. Some of our favorite customer CAD renderings created with NuGraf can be found here.

Arrow Why Choose Okino Software to Convert Creo Data Files?

Cobra Radios

First, simply put, we completely guarantee Creo conversions to all our supported downstream destinations and have provided the main and defacto Creo conversion system to 3D professionals for 3 decades. Okino is by far one of the most active and ardent users of the PTC Granite BREP-solids kernel and as such provides very strong CAD conversion through this pipeline.

Screw Driver

Second, a high percentage of Okino registered users are Creo users. As such, we have a long history of dealing with Creo customers and their data. Our software is tuned to importing Creo data and provides reliable results; this is absolutely the most important point to consider!

GLX # 1

Third, a very important aspect of Okino software is its ability to reduce the complexity of a Creo assembly before it is exported to another 3D package. This is critical in many situations. The important aspect to consider here is that the Okino importers can easily import very large Creo files while other programs can't in some cases (or slow in others); during the import phase Okino optimization routines can reduce the number of objects, polygons and hierarchy nodes in a file. Once optimized (say a 10 times reduction in objects) then the data can be re-exported to other 3D packages for much faster import. In some cases this is the only way to import large assemblies into programs such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema-4D, LightWave, Unity or Unreal Engine.

Gear Box

Fouth, we provide very fast turn-around on any technical issues. Since our importers are well established and work reliably, our technical support typical revolves around answering questions about the best methods to export data from Creo, how to move such data into other software applications, and how to create nice rendered images with minimal memory overhead. "Personal support" is also something well known from Okino; this means our programmers will answer your questions at 3am on a Saturday morning, or converse with you over the course of a few weeks to see how your conversions are going (we know many of our users by first name, by face, or by voice - we're not a company of faceless tech support people). When you purchase Okino software you buy a "tool" like a 'hammer' and our personal tech support provides the feedback on how to use this tool efficiently, if you should need to contact us.

Arrow How do I Convert Data From ProE/Creo?


Importing native, encrypted Creo data is very simple with Okino's Creo CAD pipeline. First, obtain a copy of Okino's PolyTrans or NuGraf program along with the Granite/Pack module. Then, simply import from the native Creo top-level .asm (assembly) file or from any of the .prt (part) files - you will want to ask your data vendor for the name of the top-level assembly file to import. A detailed set of importer wizard panels will lead you through the import process so that you will obtain the most ideal imported model.

The Creo importer wizard will also provide you control over the import of assembly hierarchy, colors and assembly node naming, automatic scene scaling and units matching, as well as hierarchy & part count optimization.

Arrow Features, Benefits and Technical Overview

Please refer to this longer WEB page for a complete list of features & benefits, as well as a discussion of the technical features of this Creo importer.

    Click on image to see full scale rendition

Arrow Contacting Okino Technical Support

If you have any questions at all about NuGraf, PolyTrans or dealing with Creo data conversion issues then please send email to We know Creo data conversion very well!

Arrow Demo Download of the ProE/Creo Conversion System

Please visit the Okino demo download page and download the unified PolyTrans/NuGraf installer.

Arrow Ordering

Various configurations of Okino software exist. The most common choice for Creo users would be:

  • PolyTrans (PT-WIN, US$395) and Granite/Pack (US$395) if you wish to import into 3ds Max or Cinema-4D using native Creo data.

  • PolyTrans (PT-WIN, US$395) and Dual-DCC-Granite/Pack (US$510) if you wish to import into Maya using native Creo data.

  • PolyTrans (PT-WIN, US$395) and Granite/Pack (US$395) if you wish to import Creo assembly data into Okino's PolyTrans for data optimization, reduction and data re-export to all major 3D file formats.

  • NuGraf (NRS-WIN, US$495) and Granite/Pack (US$395) if you wish to import Creo assembly data into Okino's NuGraf for rendering, data optimization, reduction and data re-export to all major 3D file formats.

Okino software can be ordered online or directly by email/phone/fax ordering.

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