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  Okino's Knowledge Base and Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Okino's online Knowledge Base and Frequently asked questions. This section of the Okino WEB site contains answers to commonly asked questions.

If you are looking for a quick solution to your question(s) then we suggest you email us right now. Don't wait, please do it now! Too many companies shield their senior development teams from outside questions using forums and first + second levels of technical support people. Okino is a company run first and foremost by developers and as such answering your questions directly results in the best and most efficient use of our software in your hands. Also, almost every customer has unique questions relating to their use of PolyTrans & NuGraf in their enterprise, and hence we prefer to provide personal one-on-one answers and discussions.

Click the links below to traverse into the sub-groups of answers, or

  • Introduction to Okino Tech Support ( 2 )
  • A friendly overview of the people behind Okino's tech support and products.

  • Lock-up of the FBX and Cinema 4D exporters in Windows 10 ( 1 )
  • An explanation of the Microsoft bug in their "comctl32.dll" file which causes older versions of the Okino FBX and Cinema-4D exporters to lock-up while displaying the "Initializing RCTK Entity List" message.

  • Common Answers to Importing from CAD File Formats ( 17 )
  • From its inception in 1988 Okino has long been an active developer and provider of CAD conversion software that has helped to bridge the CAD-world with the non-CAD animation and visual simulation worlds. The following are answers to very common questions posed by our users over the last decade and a half.

  • Installation and Configuration ( 7 )
  • This group contains the most often asked questions about installation and configuration of Okino software.

  • PolyTrans-for-3dsMax Usage Questions ( 8 )
  • Every copy of Okino's NuGraf & PolyTrans software come bundled with a special plug-in system for 3ds Max. These plug-ins allow 3ds Max to import and export all of the supported Okino 3D file formats from within the 3ds Max user interface.

  • PolyTrans-for-Maya Usage Questions ( 12 )
  • This group provides common answers to questions about Okino's PolyTrans-for-Maya plug-in system. This native plug-in system for Maya allows all of the PolyTrans 3D file formats to be executed directly inside the Maya user interface. A good product overview can be found by clicking here.

  • Issues relating to conversions of 'Animation, Mesh Skinning & Skeletons (Bones)' ( 5 )
  • A major aspect of Okino's PolyTrans software in the DCC market segment is our conversion of animation, skeletons (bones) and mesh skinning. We have much experience in this area of DCC based conversions and some of our internal FAQs are listed below.

  • Rendering and Usage Issues for NuGraf ( 6 )
  • This section contains questions and answers about Okino's NuGraf software, mainly dealing with rendering and user interface issues.

  • Generic Usage and Runtime Questions ( 4 )
  • This section provides answers to questions that don't fall into any other FAQ category, usually relating to generic usage or runtime questions.

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