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Overview and Introduction to the List of Supported File Formats

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To learn of the 'Best Practices' to import from our most popular 3D CAD file formats, click here.

Arrow General Information

PolyTrans (and its bigger brother 'NuGraf') provide a complete set of precise and quality import/export converters for the most popular industry standard 3D model formats. The design philosophy behind their development has been to create a set of ideal translators that can convert entire files from one format to another in a manner such that the exported file can be loaded and rendered in a target animation system with little or no changes necessary.

For those wary of the capabilities of a 3D data translation product, consider that the Okino supported file formats listed on this page are in continuous use around the world for every conceivable type of professional 3D activity, ranging from conversions for online 3D model databases, to movie production, to multi-media content development, to 3D game development and so forth. As such the converter implementations are stable and well tested. You can test the converters for yourself by downloading the demos from the links shown above.

As a statement of our commitment to this development process, we typically allocate several years to the development, evolution and refinement of each converter-set until they closely mimic the source/destination animation system. Most of our converters have been in continual development and refinement for well over 25 to 30+ years. As such are well tested and used throughout the world.

Arrow What Converters Do I Ideally Need?

Okino software is tailored to each and every customer for their specific conversion requirements. Hence, please do not go searching through this online file format list to see if you can locate a converter for what you feel is required. Rather, the method in which all Okino software is sold is first to send a short email to our CTO, Robert Lansdale, with a quick overview of your source + destination 3D program and file format(s). If you mention IGES, STEP or Parasolid then please also find out the actual source MCAD program (which will most often be ProE/Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Unigraphics NX, Solid Edge or CATIA). In return, Robert Lansdale will explain the exact Okino converters to be used and the proper manner in which to request files from any third party vendors.

Arrow Looking for the Supported File Format Lists?

If you have reached this paragraph and are still looking for the list of supported 2D and 3D file formats, please click one of the light blue tabs or links shown near the top of this page.