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This page centralizes many of the best images created by Okino customers, either via Okino's own NuGraf software, or which has used Okino's core DCC & CAD data translation software in the process of creating the image(s).

Click on any row of images to jump to the that corresponding page of full resolution images and their descriptions.

Please also refer to the customer case studies for CAD conversions & rendering.

Arrow Okino Customer Imagery Gallery - Selection # 1...

A wide selection of recent customer created imagery which used Okino PolyTrans or NuGraf software to perform the critical operations of CAD conversion, data optimization and reduction.

Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img Img

Arrow Selection # 2...

Architectural interiors by Segnoprogetto srl.

Img Img Img Img
Img Img Img Img

Arrow Selection # 3 (New Car Dealership)...

These images were created by Genexis Design of Toronto, Canada for a new car dealership. Click on any image to jump to the main WEB page containing the full scale images.

Honda #5 Honda #7 Honda #9 Honda #8 Honda #10 Honda #2 Honda #1 Honda #3 Honda #6 Honda #4

Arrow Selection # 4...

3D Joint Arm up Close Arm Splash2 Cobra Radios 9098 Machine

Arrow Selection # 5...

Office interior by Genexis Design using Pro/Creo and NuGraf.

GLX # 1 GLX # 2 GLX # 3

Product designs by Pascal Golay using Rhino and NuGraf.

Pascal4 Pascal2 Pascal3 Pascal5 Pascal6 Pascal1

Arrow Selection # 6...

Industrial Design Imagery by IDE Inc. using Rhino, ProE/Creo and Okino's NuGraf. Also, a selection of images modeled in Solid Edge and rendered in NuGraf.

SiliconFilm Colorado Anritsu Creative
Ziatech Press Chamfer
Chamfer Chamfer

Arrow Selection # 7...

Industrial Design - Ice Cream Machines from FINAMAC of Brazil

Machine1 Machine2 Machine3 Machine4

Arrow Selection # 8...

Hair dryer imagery by Albert Kiefer

Img Img Img Img Img

Arrow Selection # 9...

Hotel reconstruction imagery by Don Lynch, Reyer Corp.

Img Img Img
Img Img Img

Industrial product design visualization by Brook Stevens Design Associates

Img Img Img Img

Industrial product design visualization by Tim Sutherland, Motorola PCS Product Development

Img Img

Arrow Selection # 10...

These are images created with Okino's NuGraf multi-threaded ray tracer:

IDE Camera Chessboard Diamond Ring Flask PDA Gas Turbine TGV # 2 Diamond Integen

Arrow Selection # 11...Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry

These images were modeled in Rhino by students at the Tyler School of Arts, Temple University, and rendered with Okino's NuGraf. Thanks go to Stanley Lechtzin and his students for providing Okino permission to show these images.

Tyler1 Tyler2 Tyler3 Tyler4 Tyler5 Tyler6 Tyler7

Arrow Selection # 12...

Watch TGV Bright Room Glass Block Mechanical

Arrow Selection # 13...

Room Betacam Sneegle Donut2 Ball Bearings M84 Iron Genexis

Arrow Customer Case Studies...

And don't forget to visit some of our interesting customer case studies! Please click on any image below to jump to its corresponding case study page.

Flying Logo Opening for Entertainment Tonight

Pilatus Aircraft Company - Interaction Aircraft Training Manual Creation

General Dynamics Corp - Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Military Proposal Creation

Img Img Img

Tesco Corportion - Oil Well Drilling PDF Documents, Manuals & Animations

Husson Corportion - Engineering Visualizations of Children Playground Sets

EPIC Software Group - Large Scene Engineering Visualizations of a CB&I Oil Refinery

University of Santa Barbara, Conversions & Engineering Visualizations by Peter Allen