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As the world's leading innovator of 3D graphics technology, Alias® (now an integrated part of Autodesk) had developed award-winning software, support, custom development and training solutions for the film, video, game development, interactive media, industrial design and visualization markets. These solutions included the Maya® software product line for the entertainment industry, StudioTools™ and PortfolioWall™ software product lines for the design industry, and Alias SketchBook Pro™ a sketching, annotating and presentation software application for the Tablet PC and Wacom Tablet.

With both Okino and Alias being located in Toronto, Canada, Okino has had the privilege of knowing many of the Alias developers and managers over the years since 1991. In the mid 90's Okino began to support Alias PowerAnimator users for rendering and data translation. In 1998 Okino partnered with Alias to become an Alias Maya "Conductor" plug-in partner and developer. In June 1999 Okino released its PolyTrans-for-Maya product which has gone on to become one of the most popular and important Maya plug-in systems.


AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets. The technology can be applied to a variety of solution areas.

AGI is well known for the following product suits:

  • STK Product Suite: Design, analyze, visualize, and optimize land, sea, air, and space systems.
  • NavTK Product Suite: Analyze performance of dynamic SATNAV systems.
  • Orbit Determination Tool Kit: Perform orbit determination and orbit analysis support for satellite tracking systems.

Okino has had a long term and beneficial relationship with AGI since 1997 as a primary data translation provider of CAD, DCC and VisSim data translation software to the large STK user base. This relationship continues, with new pipelines into STK software being provided now by the COLLADA file format as well as the Lightwave and other existing file format pipelines.


ART VPS Ltd. is a world leader in 3D rendering acceleration. The company developed the first, and only, 3D graphics processors that can create images of true realism. PURE and RenderDrive, ART’s family of 3D rendering products, harness the power of the company’s ray tracing 3D graphics processors to deliver many times the computing power of general-purpose processing platforms.

Okino first partnered with ART to provide a specialized 3D converter solution between the PolyTrans software to the ART Renderdrive product via Renderman RIB format. This followed by ART reselling the PolyTrans converter solution to their customer base as their "CAD Camera" product solution.


Founded in 1985, ATI Technologies Inc (now a part of AMD) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative visual processor solutions. A pioneer, an innovator and a market leader in the graphics industry, ATI provides cutting-edge visual processor technologies for the PC, Macintosh, workstation and notebook markets plus consumer markets including hand-held, set-top box and digital TVs.

Okino partnered with ATI to incorporate ATI pixel shader acceleration technology into the PolyTrans and NuGraf software products. Thus, Okino software will provide real time texture mapping, bump mapping and cubical mapping (as well as other ATI specific OpenGL accelerations) when run on ATI video cards. Okino worked closely with the ATI development group to refine their newest pixel shader routines which were subsequently incorporated directly into Okino code.


Autodesk is the world's leading design and digital content creation resource. The company provides software and Internet portal services to help customers drive business through the power of design. Serving a host of engineering and design disciplines as well as the film, broadcast, and multimedia industries, Autodesk has more than 4 million customers worldwide. Ninety percent of the Fortune 500 largest industrial and service corporations in the United States are Autodesk® customers.

Okino is a very key and core provider of critical software applications to Autodesk software customers throughout the world:

Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya Partnership

Okino is one of the long running development companies who can relate to the 3ds Max and 3D Studio line of software from Autodesk (and previously Kinetix, then Discrete). Okino was founded at a time when Tom Hudson, with the help of the Yost Group, were taking CAD-3D and the Antic Software products from the Atari ST1040 computer and turning them into the 3D Studio v1 product, via support from Autodesk Inc. 3D Studio was a very popular program all throughout the 90's. Okino was the first developer to fully decipher and implement the .3ds file format by 1993, well before any published documentation or toolkit software became available; because of this, Okino continues to have the best implementation of a .3ds importer and exporter to this day.

In 1996 Okino foresaw the change-over from the 3D Studio product to the 3ds Max product by Kinetix, and thus developed the first native plug-in version of PolyTrans for 3ds Max. PolyTrans-for-3dsMax, and its mirror twin PolyTrans-for-Maya, are now are two of the most requested native 3D conversion systems for 3ds Max + Maya. Okino has been one of the most dedicated developers to the 3ds Max and Maya line of DCC products. Okino partners with Autodesk as a registered Sparks developer, and as a critical + core provider of 3D data translation software to the 3ds Max and Maya user base.

Autodesk DXF/DWG Partnership

Okino has long supported all versions of the DXF/DWG file format since our original 1992 'R12' release of our DXF/DWG converters. These converters allow a close association between Okino and Autodesk AutoCAD software users. Okino partners with Autodesk as a registered Autodesk Inventor/AutoCAD developer; Okino has been an active member of the AutoCAD Developer Network since 1995.

Autodesk Inventor Partnership

Autodesk's Inventor development group had requested/suggested that Okino write a direct Autodesk Inventor importer in the earlier days of the Inventor release cycle. This has become one of our more popular and robust 3D CAD converters.

Autodesk DWF-3D Partnership

Okino is always on the forefront of new 3D converter development. We were the first company to write HOOPS HSF converters for the industry. As a result, this work carried over to the "new" DWF-3D v6 file format introduced by Autodesk. DWF is actually a "container" file format (similar to Adobe PDF) which can contain any variety of content. 3D data is placed in DWF files as HOOPS HSF data. Okino has developed one of the most extensively implemented set of DWF-3D import and export converters in the industry, now being our preferred method to move data from AutoCAD and Revit into Okino software.

Autodesk FBX Partnership

Okino partnered with Kaydara (now owned by Autodesk) to add the FBX file format as an import and export converter to its PolyTrans and NuGraf software products. Okino sees its PolyTrans software as being a major tool for the repurposing of FBX files and data to all other major 3D file formats and animation packages. Okino provides excellent skeleton and skinned mesh support and extends this to the implementation of the Okino FBX converters. Please note, however, that Okino provides more direct and native conversion solutions (for programs such as 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema-4D, etc). that provide much better conversions than with FBX.


Okino has been partnering with the Collada organization, directly and indirectly, to bring 2 of the most highly polished and full featured Collada import and export converters to the 3D community. As we often say, converters can be written quickly in an afternoon, or written like a good book over years and decades. Our Collada converters are of the latter variety, for which all of the Okino senior developers have collaborated on their implementation, to the highest quality standards we work by. As with our best converters, this has been a multi-year effort. The Collada file format is to be used mainly in a "tool chain" for 3D game developers, which has been the prime, underlying mandate for the Collada group. For inter-animation package conversions, Okino already offers the de facto 3D converter systems between 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave, DirectX and all major packages using native conversion methods.

Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes provides solutions that facilitate the design, simulation and production of extremely complex systems, such as cars or aircraft, and the manufacturing facilities used to produce them. These solutions are also employed to design and manufacture articles for everyday life, from tableware and household appliances to jewelry. The PLM offering from Dassault Systemes is organized around the CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA brands. It is marketed worldwide, particularly through the network of its long-standing partner, IBM.

Okino partners with Dassault Systemes and their subsidiaries in several ways, as outlined elsewhere in this partners WEB page: (1) Okino provides one of the most heavily used 3D CAD converters for SOLIDWORKS CAD assemblies, and (2) we are a prime partner with Spatial Corp. for their CATIA v4, CATIA v5 and SAT technology. Okino licenses the actual components of Dassault's CATIA v5 high-end CAD modelling system as the technical basis of the Okino CATIA v5 CAD converter.

DAZ Productions

DAZ Productions, Inc. specializes in providing high-quality 3D models for Poser, Curious Labs' 3D software application. By using the power of emerging 3D creative technologies DAZ Productions pushes the limits of realism and versatility in the Virtual World. DAZ offers newly advanced 3D products and sponsors brokering opportunities for talented artists who are interested in increasing exposure for their products. With Poser Pro Pack being equipped with plugins for 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Flash and supporting Python scripting, DAZ's vast library has extended its compatibility.

Okino has known the founders of DAZ since their days as part of Zygote Media. We partner with them on a friendly one-on-one basis and exchange software and models when the needs arise.

EON Reality

EON Reality, Inc. is the world's leading interactive visual content management software provider. EON's powerful software solutions are helping companies increase sales, communicate product functionality more effectively and decrease the cost of service, training and technical support. EON's products have a high level of interactivity, simulation realism, rendering quality and integrated data exchange capability optimized for high performance on today's standard PCs and Internet. Several large corporations such as Office Depot, Suzuki, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Hon, Samsung, Shimano, Audi, Nokia and Bank of America are using EON's software solutions.

Okino's PolyTrans has been integrated into the EON product line since 1997, and to the present date, as the provider of accurate and high quality data translation importers.

Maxon Computer

MAXON Computer, Inc. is the developer of professional 3D modeling, painting, animation and rendering solutions. Its award-winning products have been used extensively in the film, television, science, architecture, engineering and other industries. It is well known for its Cinema-4D and BodyPaint-3D software packages.

Okino has a long time working relationship with Maxon and its Cinema-4D product line. We offered our first DCC and CAD conversion system to Cinema-4D users in 1997, which was fine-tuned with the friendly developer help and relations offered by the Maxon programming team. A decade later, Maxon bundles Okino PolyTrans along with Cinema-4D in its "Engineering Bundle" product. We are quite proud and happy to be involved with Maxon and their growth over these many past years.


Okino has a long standing, direct and indirect relationship with Microsoft and its associated 3D graphics developers. By 1997 we were shipping the very first 3D conversion system which could cross convert entire scenes + animation between the "new" DirectX file format and 3ds Max, Cinema-4D, LightWave, etc. (it should be noted that there were no programs that could do this prior to Okino pioneering the processes of animation cross conversion between all 3D programs and file formats). The history of the evolution of our DirectX conversion pipeline is outlined here in more detailed terms. Our DirectX converter is still one of our most popular, of constant demand, exporters today. If a 3D game or product has been developed with DirectX, in most cases it will have used our PolyTrans DirectX conversion system as part of the process. Our DirectX implementation can be considered the 'de facto' implementation from which other viewers, converters and datasets can be compared or validated against - a statement we fully stand behind.

Following in the decade long footprints of our DirectX work, Okino has sunk considerable resources into the development of one of the best and heavily featured Microsoft XAML 3D exporters. We look forward to continue partnering with Microsoft and their WPF development group relating to our XAML conversion system.


Presagis, Inc. (previously known to Okino customers as MultiGen-Paradigm) leads the industry in providing commercial off-the-shelf, realtime 3D simulation software tools and solutions to interactively create and run visual and sensor simulation, simulation-based training, urban simulation and 3D GIS visualization applications.

Okino partnered with MultiGen-Paradigm (and now Presagis) in the summer of 1997 to be the leading provider of OpenFlight import and export converters for the data translation market. Okino's PolyTrans product with OpenFlight support has been distributed and resold by Presagis and their resellers since 1998. Okino holds a close working relationship with the core Presagis team and places great dedication in its OpenFlight converter support.


Off the shelf, Newtek's LightWave 3D® is the most complete and flexible software solution for 3D graphics and animation. LightWave 3D® is versatile enough to make the transition to and from all kinds of projects. Proven for years in television, film, and games, LightWave 3D® is also being used to create graphics for print, web, industrial design, architecture, medical imaging, and anywhere else a 3D package is needed. A full, robust program, LightWave 3D® includes many of the tools that other packages require to be purchased separately. Soft-body dynamics, particles, hair and fur, plus unlimited render nodes, to name a few; LightWave 3D® ships with all the tools an artist needs to create.

Okino has been the prime provider of Lightwave import and export converters (as independent software) since our initial developments in 1994. We are totally dedicated to quality Lightwave conversions and support. In 1997 and 1998 we were the first company to pioneer the concept and successful implementation of animation conversion between incompatible animation programs, with Lightwave being one of the first fully supported programs. During the late 90's we re-architected our software to simulate all the dozens of texture modulation methods used by Lightwave and thus could provide accurate texture mapping conversion of Lightwave files. In 2000 we released our completely new and highly developed Lightwave 6.5 converters, which were based on a more modern version of the Lightwave file format (and which are compatible to all current and future versions of Lightwave). During the 2000's we developed and incorporated our "Arctic" toolkit to provide very accurate skeleton and mesh skinning conversions from 3DS MAX, Maya, XSI and DirectX into the Lightwave file format.


NGRAIN Corporation is a leader in the development of interactive 3D visualization and simulation solutions. The company’s breakthrough NGRAIN™ technology provides accurate digital representations of complex objects. NGRAIN technology and products allow users to interact and manipulate 3D-models in real-time. All NGRAIN visualizations and simulations are fully interactive on notebooks, Tablet PCs and other standard computing platforms, without the need for graphics acceleration hardware.

Okino has been partnering with NGRAIN Corporation since its inception. Okino was selected as a key provider of 3D data translation technology which now forms the core CAD, VisSim and DCC importers of NGRAIN's product line. Conversions occur via the NGRAIN connector module for Okino software. The NGRAIN product document can be read online here.

The NGRAIN 3D file format is optimized for Web deployment with the ability to significantly compress and reduce file size by up to 95%. It is highly interactive and does not require additional hardware for use on desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, and PDA devices. In addition the NGRAIN format is secure, protecting intellectual property and preventing reverse engineering. The NGRAIN 3D format is optimized for widespread deployment within training and performance support applications.


NVIDIA® Corporation is a leader in graphics processors and media and communications devices. The NVIDIA product line enriches 3D, 2D, video, audio, communications, broadband connectivity, and high-definition digital video and television for every audience and platform including desktop PCs, game consoles, workstations, Internet-enabled appliances, Macintosh, and mobile PCs.

Okino has partnered with NVIDIA to fully interface Okino software with the realtime pixel shader technology of the NVIDIA accelerated video cards (starting with the GeForce3 chipset). This allows Okino customers running NVIDIA video cards to experience real time texture mapping, bump mapping and cubical environment mapping, as well as other OpenGL acceleration extensions.

Open Design Alliance

The Open Design Alliance is a member funded organization whose charter it is to allow software developers, and users alike, to gain access to the internal data of Autodesk DWG files, and those from Bentley Microstation DGN files, without direct involvement or licensing from those companies.

Okino has been a member of the Open Design Alliance since its early inception. We have been very active in the hands-on evolution and debugging of their OpenDGN software system, helping ODA and others bring the reality of an independent DGN toolkit to the masses. We are also a core user of their OpenDWG technology, which assists the Okino-written DXF/DWG import and export converters to handle encrypted DWG files, and the embedded ACIS SAT data within them.


PTC develops, markets, and supports software solutions that help manufacturers win with superior products. PTC is the world’s largest software company with a total commitment to product development and product lifecycle management (PLM.) The company services more than 35,000 customers worldwide and is well known to Okino customers as the developer of ProE/Creo.

Okino has a long standing relationship with ProE/Creo users starting in 1996. We have provided all of the main and de facto ProE/Creo conversion software to a majority of the 3D industry, with 10's of thousands of top named companies using our software. Okino is one of the few companies that licenses the entire Granite Interoperability Kernel technology from PTC, which allows 100% perfect import of native, encrypted ProE files into all major 3D programs and file formats, including 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema-4D, Unity, Unreal-3D, and dozens more.


PYTHAlab GmbH Germany develops the Pytha 3D-CAD modelling program. Pytha 3D-CAD is a fully integrated program with Modelling, Raytracing & Radiolab, offering simple to use design, presentation and manufacturing capabilities. Ideal for shop fitters, furniture manufacturers, exhibition and Show Design.

CATS GmbH have partnered with Okino to bring a full PolyTrans CAD+DCC connector system to the Pytha software product line. CATS GmbH is a German service provider and reseller of the PYTHA-software.


RealityWave (now owned by Aveva) develops the leading Internet-Architected Platform for powering Industrial Data Collaboration. RealityWave's VizStream® Platform enables the access, visualization, and integration of Industrial Data, including complex 3D models, 2-D Drawings, and Associated Information for web-based collaboration and communication.

Okino has partnered with RealityWave/Aveva to bring a highly refined and supported set of custom XGL/ZGL importer and exporter to Okino's software products.

Robert McNeel

Founded in 1980, Robert McNeel & Associates is a privately-held, employee-owned company that provides technical professionals with productive tools based on emerging technologies.

Okino has partnered with Robert McNeel & Associates since 1997 when Okino started with alpha releases of the Rhino-3D modeler to make Okino's importers compliant with the data exported from Rhino. Today we offer compatibility with Rhino-3D via native .3dm format, Wavefront OBJ (NURBS and polygons: unique!), Lightwave and IGES formats.

Side Effects

Side Effects Software leads the planet in 3D animation and special effects software for use in film, broadcast and interactive entertainment with its Houdini line of animation software. With its emphasis on research and development, Side Effects Software has earned its reputation as an industry leader with a number of technology firsts and breakthroughs.

Being both located in Toronto, Canada, Okino has had a very friendly and ongoing working relationship with Side Effects, and their founders, since a few months before Okino was started. Side Effects and Okino have partnered to bring a custom Houdini GEO importer to the Okino PolyTrans and NuGraf software products. Our Collada converter development, in particulas, was focussed on adding animation pipelines to/from the Houdini software. We are grateful of all the communication and visits extended to Okino and our staff by the people at Side Effects.


Solid Modeling Solutions provides advanced NURBS-based geometry libraries called SMLib, TSNLib, GSNLib, and NLib. They encompass extensive definition and manipulation of NURBS curves and surfaces with the latest fully functional non-manifold topology. SMS is committed to regular enhancements through an established release schedule.

Okino was the first customer of the NLib NURBS processing library in 1996/1997 and worked very closely with Mr. Wayne Tiller (one of the key investigators of NURBS in the late 80's and early 90's) to refine the toolkit into a state of perfection. This close collaboration led to the Okino IGES importer as being one of the most stable and well developed in the current 3D converter market.


SolidWorks SolidWorks Corp, a Dassault Systemes S.A. company, develops and markets software for mechanical design, analysis, and product data management. Founded in 1993, SolidWorks' mission is to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in product development and foster a collaborative user community. In seven years of delivering product, SolidWorks has shipped more than 285,000 total seats of software worldwide. More than 2,719,805 product designers and engineers worldwide, representing 210,800 organizations, use SOLIDWORKS to bring their designs to life-from the coolest gadgets to innovations that deliver a better tomorrow

Okino has partnered with the SolidWorks Corp since the mid 1990s to bring to market the most refined and well supported SOLIDWORKS CAD importer that repurposes CAD data for the VisSim and DCC animation markets. This has been one of our most requested CAD importers since its original release.

Spatial Corp

Spatial Corp. (a Dassault Systemes company) provides high-performance 3D software components and services for design-centric markets. Our broad portfolio of products delivers a selection of the most advanced 3D development technologies available today.

Okino has had a long standing partnership with Spatial Corp. Okino's 25-year veteran CAD developers have been trained in Spatial's component software and bring that experience + knowledge to Okino customers as our heavily refined ACIS SAT, CATIA v4 and CATIA v5 CAD importers. These are some of the most complex and demanding CAD importers that we offer, and much of the robustness of the solutions come from our deep understanding of Spatial software components.


Tech Soft 3D was founded in 1996 on the strength of the proven, innovative HOOPS 3D Graphics System (HOOPS/3DGS) technology. Beyond keeping HOOPS the leading commercial scene-graph for engineering applications, TS-3D has extended the HOOPS product to become an entire suite of tightly integrated components for the rapid development of 2D/3D software. TS-3D's offerings also extend to reselling complementary components for solid/surface modeling and CAD data access.

Okino was one of the very first companies to join Tech Soft 3D to promote the "Open HSF" WEB streaming standard. Okino licensed the HOOPS "Stream" toolkit and released our HSF exporter solution shortly thereafter. Okino has also spent several years writing one of the most richly implemented HSF and DWF-3D importers and exporters. Okino partners with Tech Soft 3D, and other related companies, to help promote the HSF format as an open and easily accessible WEB streaming file format standard. Okino also took a roll in helping to define the animation extensions of the HSF file format, based on our in-depth understanding of all major 3D animation systems and how they work internally.


UGS PLM Solutions (Siemens) is the market leader in product lifecycle management (PLM), providing solutions to the global 1000. Product lifecycle management enables all the people who participate in a manufacturer’s product lifecycle to work in concert to develop, deliver and support best-in-class products. As the only single-source provider of PLM software and services, UGS PLM Solutions can transform the product lifecycle process into true competitive advantage, delivering leadership improvements in product innovation, quality, time-to-market and end-customer value.

As a major provider of CAD conversion software for the last 2 decades, Okino has supported UGS products as part of our core offerings:

JT Open

Okino is pleased to be a pioneer vendor to bring the 'JT' 3D PLM file format to the mass markets of CAD + DCC + VisSim at very affordable prices. Full bidirectional import and export support are provided to Okino customers.

Parasolid File Format

Okino provides import file support for the UGS Parasolid BREP CAD file format. This format is often used when transferring CAD data from Bentley Microstation or UGS NX/UG.

Solid Edge

Okino has partnered with the Solid Edge subsidiary of UGS since 1998 to bring to market the most refined and well supported Solid Edge CAD importer that repurposes CAD data for the VisSim and DCC animation markets.

Visual Components

Visual Components is a world leading 3D manufacturing simulation and visualization specialist. They offer machine builders, system integrators and companies a simple, quick and highly cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions. Visual Component offers a complete set of solutions and products to support, accelerate and simplify the following areas: SME digital factory, sales and marketing, robot & workcell simulation, factory simulation, controller validation, application development

Visual Components has partnered with Okino to bring its specially designed "PolyTrans Connector" product to our mutual Okino/Visual-Components users. This allows all major Okino supported CAD, DCC and VisSim file formats to be easily imported into Visual Components' 3DCreate software package. To see the product brochure from Visual Components, please click here.


The Web3D Consortium was formed to provide a forum for the creation of open standards for Web3D specifications, and to accelerate the worldwide demand for products based on these standards through the sponsorship of market and user education programs. This community has spearheaded the development of the VRML 1.0 and 2.0 specifications, which provide the basis for the development of associated applications. Today, the Web3D Consortium is utilizing its 1500-2000 strong Internet development community, and its broadbased industry support to systematically move the VRML97 ISO Standard forward. Their many prominent technical activities include the Extensible 3D (X3D) specification, which is extending VRML97, using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Okino has been at the very center of VRML+X3D development, support and promotion. We are one of the key evangelists for the VRML2 and X3D file formats -- they are by far the best 3D file formats on the market but little understood by many people. Our VRML 1.0 and 2.0 import/export converters have been shipping since 1995, and the VRML2 importer has been 100.00% error free since 1999. Under contract for several years, Okino released the first fully bidirectional X3D conversion system (import and export) in 2007.