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Arrow Industrial Design - Ice Cream Machines from FINAMAC Brazil

Over the years there have been a number of our customers who have stood out in our minds as pushing our software and technical support interaction beyond their normals limits. FINAMAC of Brazil is one such company. FINAMAC is a market leader in the production of ice-cream machines of small and medium loads, being one of the companies of largest technological capacity in the sector.

FINAMAC came to Okino with many questions and requirements. They had been accustomed to dealing with 3D software companies whose products were tailored for the 3D graphics artist or modeler. As their backgrounds are in aeronautics and industrial engineering they found comfort in the fact that Okino's NuGraf software was written by engineers for engineers. FINAMAC had recently started to use the Solid Edge modeling package for all their ice-cream machine designs. They needed a software package to move the data out of the solid modeling realm and into the photo-realistic rendering domain. Okino's new Solid Edge import converter had been released earlier that year and proved to be the solution for FINAMAC, They purchased NuGraf and the Solid Edge importer system to complement their Solid Edge modeling system.

In less than a year Finamac Arpifrio had created a full product catalog and WEB site for their new ice-cream machines. No longer did they have to create costly real prototype machines for photographing but rather they could easily design a completely virtual machine in Solid Edge and create a complete set of photo-realistic images (at high resolution) using NuGraf.

We have been happy to work with FINAMAC for well over 20 years while exchanging information, ideas and comments. Many years was invested in the development of our Solid Edge native import converter and it is nice to see this long term development work to the benefit of our customers.

Below you will find a number of images provided to Okino by FINAMAC. All were modeled in Solid Edge and rendered in Okino's NuGraf software using its multi-threaded ray tracer. Each scene used 3 to 10 light sources.

Copyrights: All images Copyright (c) by FINAMAC of Brazil.

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