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PolyTrans for Microsoft Windows (x64)
  • Product price = US$395.00
  • Product code = PT-WIN
NuGraf for Microsoft Windows (x64)
  • Product price = US$495.00
  • Product code = NRS-WIN
Only Add-On converter modules for a Previously Purchased PolyTrans

Only Add-On converter modules for a Previously Purchased NuGraf

If you wish to purchase a product upgrade then please email with your serial number (found in the 'Help/About' dialog box of the stand-alone Okino software). Upgrade prices are based on when you had originally purchased the base package and any optional add-on modules.

The next page will allow you to order any one, or all, of the optional add-on converter modules for these products (including the "PolyTrans-for-Maya" plug-in system which is a part of the "DCC/Pack" license).

If you make a mistake while entering data into any of the following wizard entry pages, please press the "Back" button on your Internet Browser to return to a specific order entry page.

For the $100 difference, NuGraf is the preferred package. PolyTrans is a simplified version of NuGraf that does not include the extensive material and texture editing system, the scanline and multi-threaded ray tracing renderers, the interactive texture projection system, the lens flare system, the perspective matching system, the sunlight calculation studies system or the more extensive user interface. If you already own a 3D rendering or animation package with these capabilities then the PolyTrans product is fine. NuGraf includes all the functionality of PolyTrans.