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Example XAML 3D Models

Arrow Okino's Online XAML Conversion Examples

This page contains example XAML 3D model files as exported to the .xaml file format by Okino's PolyTrans software. To read the technical overview of Okino's XAML exporter, click here.

To view these models:

  • Download and install Okino's free XAML file viewer.
  • Click each image to download the associated .zip file. The .zip files contain both the .xaml model file and any associated texture maps.
  • Open the .zip file and double click on the .xaml file. This should invoke the default XAML 3D file viewer on your computer.

Arrow Generic 3D Models

Description: Robotic Arm from Lightwave
Source: Lightwave Distribution CDROM (scenes/robots/ikarm.lws)
Animated: Yes
Polygons: 8731
Copyrights: Copyright (c) Newtek, Inc.

Description: 1957 Chevy
Source: Sourced from '5 free in 3D' Viewpoint free distribution.
Animated: No
Polygons: 14966
Copyrights: Viewpoint Data Labs.

Description: Textured Pitts biplane
Source: Obtained from the 3D Cafe WEB site.
Author: Chris O'Riley,, 70 Brothers Road. Poughquag, NY 12570.
Animated: No
Polygons: 11169

Description: Walking Robot
Source: Lightwave Distribution CDROM (scenes/robots/ikarm.apewalk15.lws)
Animated: Yes
Polygons: 4188

Arrow CAD Models

Description: Seadoo
Source: Model designed, manufactured by Daka Designs Ltd.
Animated: No
Polygons: 192722
Copyrights: Daka Designs Ltd. Hong Kong

Description: Assembly
Source: Solid Edge WEB Site, VNET
Copyrights: Copyright (c) EDS Inc. Anonymous creator.

Description: CDRS CAD model
Source: Model created by Gary Morales using CDRS software, an Evans & Sutherland product.
Animated: No
Polygons: 85000
Stream file size: 242k
Copyrights: Evans & Sutherland.

Description: Example CAD model from SolidWorks
Source: SolidWorks Model Library, SolidWorks WEB site.
Author: Gregory R. Hottman, Camnetrics, Inc.
Animated: No
Polygons: 25642
Stream file size: 105k (1.6 high quality geometry setting)