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Softimage-3D Exporter Examples

Arrow Overview

This section demonstrates the accuracy of the Softimage-3D export converter, in particular the accuracy of the texture mapping translation, the translation of opacity values and the translation of the shading values.

If anyone would like to lend us their Softimage datasets for rendering then we would be happy to place the rendered images on this page and provide a WEB link to your company.

Arrow CDRS Concept Car

The CDRS Concept car is a common test model used to evaluate the performance and accuracy of a 3d renderer. As such, it is an ideal model to test the accuracy of the Softimage import/export modules as well as a good model to compare the output of the MentalRay renderer with that of Okino's NuGraf.

The first image below is a rendering of the CDRS model in Okino's NuGraf software using the original scene file (the scene file originated in NuGraf). This should be considered the "default" rendered image for comparison purposes.

Original Scene Rendered in the NuGraf

The second image is a rendering of the CDRS model in Softimage using the MentalRay renderer. The data from the NuGraf software was directly exported to a Softimage database (including all the meshes, textures, lights and cameras) via the Softimage export converter. The database scene was then loaded into Softimage and rendered with ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES MADE to the scene. Notice that the texture maps and reflection map are identical in both pictures! This exemplifies the fine accuracy of the scene conversion process as well as the equivalent rendering capability of the MentalRay and NuGraf renderers.

Exported Scene Rendered with MentalRay in Softimage

To make this comparison even more interesting, the Softimage database scene was re-imported back into the NuGraf software once again (using the Softimage import converter) and rendered with ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES MADE. Notice that the round-trip conversion process from NuGraf to Softimage and back to NuGraf has remained very accurate (compare the first image with the last image).

Softimage Scene Re-Imported & Rendered in the NuGraf

These tests have demonstrated the following points:

  • The Softimage import/export converters are indeed "Load and Render" capable.
  • The (u,v) texture mapping coordinates translate properly.
  • The reflection mapping values and parameters translate perfectly.
  • The shading values translate very well (the middle image has a darker blue because the converter must "guess" the ambient light intensity and color, which is assumed to be 30% white).
  • For these tests the NuGraf renderer performs better texture filtering than MentalRay. You will notice in the middle image that the floor is aliased in the middle-right side and that the reflection map on the car is aliased on the front left bumper).