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Arrow Supported Entities of the Okino C4D File Importer and Converter

This is the list of supported and non-supported CINEMA 4D entities which are handled by this importer:

CINEMA 4D FeatureSupported?Animated?Notes
---- Polygon Meshes Y Y 
-------- Polygon level material and UVW assignment Y N 
---- Primitive Objects Y Y Converted to a Polygon Mesh
---- Modifier Objects Y Y All modifier objects are converted to a Polygon Mesh. Vertex manipulation cannot be imported.
-------- HyperNurbs Y N If the subdiv level is 0 then the base-level polygon meshes will be imported.
-------- Extrude Nurbs Y N 
-------- Lathe Nurbs Y N 
-------- Loft Nurbs Y N 
-------- Sweep Nurbs Y N 
-------- Bezier Nurbs Y N 
-------- Symmetry Object Y N 
-------- Bool Object Y N 
-------- Connect Object Y N 
-------- Atom Array Y N 
-------- Meta Ball Y N 
---- Splines  Intermediate points methods are not supported
-------- Akima Y Y Converted to Bezier curves
-------- Cubic Y Y Converted to Bezier curves
-------- Bezier Y Y 
-------- Linear Y Y 
-------- B-Spline Y Y 
-------- Various parametric splines Y Y Converted to linear interpolated curves
---- Deformers N N Only deformed meshes are loaded in
---- Phong Tags Y N 
UV CoordinatesN  
---- Multiple UVW Sets Y N 
---- Collapsed UVW Set Y N 
-------- Texture Tag UV Offsets Y N 
-------- Projections  Projections are all baked into Cinema 4D as coordinates
------------ Spherical Y N
------------ Cylindrical Y N 
------------ Cubical Y N 
------------ Flat Y N 
------------ UVW Mapping Y N 
------------ Spatial N N 
------------ Frontal N NThis is a real time projection
------------ Shrink Wrapping N NThis is a real time projection
------------ Camera Mapping N NThis is a real time projection
Scene Objects   
---- Floor Objects N N 
---- Sky Objects N N 
---- Background Objects N N 
---- Foreground Objects N N 
---- Environment ObjectsN N 
---- Stage N N 
---- Selection N N 
---- Viewport Cameras N N 
---- Instances Y Y 
---- Arrays Y Y 
---- Lights     Imported in world-space, no hierarchical attachments
-------- Light Types     
------------ Omni/Point Y Y 
------------ Spot Y Y 
------------ Infinite Y Y 
------------ Area N NTreated as point light
------------ Square Spot N NTreated as regular spot light
------------ Parallel N NTreated as infinite light
------------ Parallel Spot N NTreated as infinite light
------------ Square Parallel Spot N NTreated as infinite light
-------- Shadow   
------------ Soft Y N 
------------ Ray Traced Y N 
------------ Area N NTreat shaddow as soft
-------- Light Falloffs   
------------ No Falloff NN 
------------ Linear Falloff NN 
------------ Step Falloff NN 
------------ Inverse Falloff YNInner distance is not used
------------ Inverse Falloff Clamped NNTreated as an inverse falloff
------------ Inverse Square YNInner distance is not used
------------ Inverse Square Clamped NNTreated as an inverse square falloff
------------ Near Clip YN 
------------ Far Clip YN 
-------- Colored Edge Falloff N N 
-------- Aspect Ratio N N 
-------- Color Y Y 
-------- Include Exclude List N N 
-------- Ambient Illuminaion N N 
-------- Visible Light N N 
-------- Noise N N 
---- Cameras    Imported in world-space, no hierarchical attachments. Animations are resampled.
-------- FOV Animation Y Y 
-------- Aperature Width Y Y 
-------- Focal Length Y Y 
-------- Clipping N N 
-------- Blur N N 
-------- Film Offset N N 
-------- Rotation Object N N 
-------- Projection   
------------ Perspective Y N 
------------ Orthographic Y N 
------------ Other Projections N N 
Object Animation   
---- Position YY 
---- Scale YY 
---- Rotation YY 
---- Point Level Animation NNAny animations affecting polygon vertices other then skinning are not supported
---- Target Tag YN 
---- Auto Tangents YN 
---- TimeTracks YN 
---- Inverse Kinematics NN 
---- Before and After repetitions YN 
-------- Constant YN 
-------- Continue YN 
-------- Repeat YN 
-------- Offset Repeat NNTreated as Repeat
-------- Oscillate YN 
---- Texture Tag Mix Textures N N 
---- Cinema 4D Shaders N N 
---- Mixing Modes    
-------- Normal Y N  
-------- Add N N  
-------- Subtract N N  
-------- Multiply N N  
---- Material Channels    
-------- Color Y Y  
-------- Diffusion Y N  
-------- Reflection Y N  
-------- Luminance Y N  
-------- Transparency Y Y Transparency colors are not supported
-------- Environment Y N Set as the reflection map for an object. Additive option is forced on
-------- Fog N N  
-------- Bump N N  
-------- Normal N N  
-------- Alpha N N  
-------- Specular Y N  
-------- Specular Color Y N  
---- Joints Y Y 
-------- Multiple Bind Poses N NCINEMA 4D allows for multiple bind poses (the bind poses are stored in the weight tags and each mesh object can have several weight tags applied). These multiple bind poses is not supported outside of CINEMA 4D.
-------- Weights Y N 
---- Bones N N The old bones system is not supported by the Maxon conversion SDK
Cinema 4D Dynamics N N  
Cinema 4D Sketch and Toon N N  
Cinema 4D Hair N N  
Particle Objects N N  
Coffee Tags N N  
Expresso Tags N N  
Compositing Tag N N  
Align To Path N N  
Kinematic N N  

This table lists the mapping of the supported CINEMA 4D texture channel types over to their equivalent Okino texture channel types:

CINEMA 4D Texture Channel TypeOkino Texture Channel Type
Luminance Ambient color
Color Diffuse color
Specular color Specular color
(No equivalence) Luminous color
Transparency Opacity
Diffusion Diffuse color intensity
Reflection Reflected colors intensity
Bump Bump
Environment Spherical environment map

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