• F.A.Q: Introduction to Okino Tech Support

    A friendly overview of the people behind Okino's tech support and products.

    1. What is the fastest way to get an answer to any Okino tech support question?
    2. A Little Background and Some Insights into Okino Technical Support:

    1. What is the fastest way to get an answer to any Okino tech support question? - Top

    Okino is a rather different kind of company, as it is fronted and managed by its long term founders and senior developers, and not by lesser informed tech support hires. We are some of the key super-experts in the 3D data translation and 3D graphics world for which our primary interest is to bring proper awareness and education to all of our users. If you need an answer to something related to 3D graphics, even if it is not related to Okino software, then please send a quick email (support@okino.com). We typically work a common 14 to 16 hour day, 6-7 days a week, and will usually respond within a few minutes or a few hours on average.

    - Updated: February 16, 2020

    2. A Little Background and Some Insights into Okino Technical Support: - Top

    It has come to be expected by some software users that once they buy a software package they will rarely see software updates again or be able to contact the company's technical support service. Okino would like to make its NuGraf and PolyTrans users aware that it provides good, direct, fast and friendly technical support to all of its registered customers. Some larger companies staff their technical support departments with "front line" people that shield the customers from the programmers whereas at Okino all technical support and pre-sales questions, answers and suggestions are provided directly by Okino programmers. We place our very lifeblood into the development of our products and stand behind them completely - this is a statement you will not often hear from a larger organization. We find it unfortunate at times that new customers approach our technical support programmers "wielding a stick", only to realize a few days later that we've a bunch of friendly and helpful people to deal with - often we don't go home until we get the job done, or we will often get answers to customers at unusual hours of the day or week (many of our customers know about this!). Luckily all of the "stick wielding customers" have turned into some of our best customers, and many of our customers we know personally after years of friendly email conversations.

    Another common belief amongst software users of newly purchased packages (in general, we believe) is that "they they are the first people to ever use the software product". Please keep in mind that you are not the first person to use Okino software; NuGraf and PolyTrans have been under development since 1988 and have been evaluated or purchased by tens of thousands of people; as such any past lurking problems in the software have been quickly fixed due to this large user base. If there is a major problem with the software, we would have fixed it the day after its major release. Any minor problems are fixed by Okino programmers and returned directly to the customer. Nonetheless, we make fixes/changes/improvements to the software every day, as directed by our customers, so please email us!

    - Updated: February 16, 2020

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