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This page contains images created with NuGraf's multi-threaded ray tracer.

IDE Camera Chessboard Diamond Ring Integen
PDA Gas Turbine Flask Diamond

Arrow Concept Camera by IDE, Inc. (ACIS SAT Model)

This model was imported from AutoCAD as solids using the ACIS .sat file format. The turn-around time from import to final rendering was about 40mins, most of which was consumed in deciding what materials and what colors to assign to the object.

Copyrights: The camera model was created by Deam Amir Depay (of IDE Inc) using AutoCAD's solid modeling capabilities.

IDE Camera

Arrow Ray Traced Chess Board

This is a ray traced variation of an original scanline rendered image.

Copyrights: the model was created by Renzo del Fabbro.

Chess Board

Arrow Diamond Ring

This diamond ring model was created by Dominic Ventura using the SDRC I-DEAS Master Series CAD modeler. It was imported into NuGraf where various lights and materials were assigned to the scene (red velvet for the background, silver for the ring and a carefully created refractive diamond material for the glass. The diamond was ray traced with the Fresnel algorithm which accurately simulates the correct amount of reflection from glass based on angle of incidence.

Copyrights: Dominic Ventura, created with SDRC I-DEAS Master Series.

Diamond Ring

Arrow Chemist's Flask

This model was created in 3ds Max by Okino then imported into NuGraf for rendering. The image clearly demonstrates NuGraf's accurate representation of ray traced glass. Note the small bubbles contained near the bottom of the flask and the highly refractive upper-level of the liquid.

Copyrights: Okino Computer Graphics.


Arrow Concept PDA by IDE, Inc.

This model was created using solid modeling techniques within AutoCAD. It was then exported to NuGraf as an ACIS SAT model and triangulated from a solid. An interesting variety of textures, bump maps and lighting give an overall soft look to this image.

Copyrights: The PDA model was created by Deam Amir Depay (of IDE Inc) using AutoCAD's solid modeling capabilities.


Arrow Ray Traced Diamond

This is another image that illustrates NuGraf's ability to accurately create diamond-like refraction effects.


Arrow Gas Turbine on Copper Plate

This gas turbine model was designed by Genexis Design, Inc. and ray traced with the NuGraf ray tracer.

The image, in the words of Genexis Design, was created as a piece of 'CAD' artwork, to place an otherwise typical CAD model within the realm of a pleasing and artistic environment. This was achieved by a nice combination of soft shadows, bump mapping on the plate (using a copper bitmap) and highly reflective ray traced blades (which were ray traced to a depth of 8 recursive bounces).

Copyrights: Turbine model created by Genexis Design, Toronto Canada.


Arrow Mechanical Design - Water Tank by Integen

This scene was modeled by Kristen Conley of Integen, Inc. using ProE/Creo then imported into Okino software for optimizaiton, scene composition and rendering. The rendering is a good example of the shadow casting accuracy of the Okino's renderers and its ability to render very small part files.

Copyrights: Design by Kristen Conley using ProE/Creo, Integen Inc.