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Tesco Corporation (, of Alberta Canada, is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry, in particular products and services which reduce drilling costs. Tesco employs 1,450 employees in 26 countries around the world.

Jim Orcherton is a senior mechanical design, animation and graphics specialist at Teso Corp. He approached Okino with a daunting task: how to create a fluid, efficient and optimized pipeline to seamlessly connect Tesco's SolidWorks CAD modelling division with their multi-media, press and WEB masters who needed endless reams of animations, PDF documents and presentation material which would document and demonstrate all the Tesco drilling products. This has been Okino's forte since inception, being able to move vast amounts of CAD data to all animation and mulit-media packages in the most efficient and "hands off" fashion.

Jim chose Okino's PolyTrans-for-3dsMax native conversion system for 3ds Max and the SolidWorks CAD import pipeline module. SolidWorks into 3ds Max is by far one of Okino's most well developed, well tested and well used conversion pipelines. It can import, optimize, compress and reduce the largest SolidWorks assemblies into manageable scenes to be used by 3ds Max for efficient animation or multi-media productions. The same PolyTrans pipeline can also take the same CAD data and re-purpose it for PDF documents (as 2D rendered images or 3D U3D embedded interactive data), as well as streaming the data out to many other 3D file formats.

As quoted by Jim Orcherton,

I've been working in the engineering field for about 15 years, with a wide range of design experience including Mechanical, Piping, Sheet Metal and Structural design. My expertise is in industrial animation in all of these fields. Some of my other experience comes in the military, medical, and accident reconstruction fields. Two of my animations have been featured on the Discovery Channel which can be viewed on my WEB site, The software I use for my work is mostly 3ds Max, Solidworks, Alibre design and AutoCAD.

One of my most agonizing problems was how to manage the monstrous task of getting years of Tesco CAD modelling development (done in SolidWorks) into numerous animations, documents and presentations. After connecting with Okino, and their CEO + main system architect Robert Lansdale, I settled on their well proven CAD repurposing solution. Robert introduced me to PolyTrans and all of my worries went away. I have been the proud owner of PolyTrans for many years and I'm loving it. Hats off to Okino in creating a plugin that's tops for 3ds Max. Their support has also been top notch and friendly over the years.

Over the last several years Jim has turned out dozens of online animations, PDF brochures, PDF manuals and other multi-media presentations of Tesco products and services. Many of these are available online at by selecting the "Innovative Products" menu, then viewing the animations and PDF brochures on the right side. A select number of images are also provided below.

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About Tesco Corp

Known worldwide as The Drilling Innovation Company, Tesco Corp has been the leader in research, development and commercialization of innovative products and services to reduce drilling costs, improve safety and efficiency, and improve the bottom line of our customers. For example, Tesco’s revolutionary CASING DRILLING® process makes it possible to speed up drilling 20 to 30 percent, or more, by eliminating drill-string tripping and the problems associated with it. Over a decade ago, Tesco pioneered a technology that made modern drilling procedures available to most rigs - the portable Top Drive Drilling System.

Our most recent achievements, which can be read about on the Tesco Web site, are:

  • Casing Drilling. Drilling with casing downhole with retrievable BHA's (Bottom Hole Assemblies) cuts down drilling time significantly and with a much better hole structure. It also allows for circulation while drilling with casing.

  • Casing Running with our innovative design to virtually eliminate field personal on the rig floor while running casing in the hole. Also allows for circulation while running casing.

  • Top drives with our unique designs allow for virtually any drilling challenge to be met with significant ease and time savings.


All graphics are Copyright Tesco Corporation, All Rights Reserved. No images may be reproduced without the explicit permission from Tesco Corporation, permission which Okino Computer Graphics has received.