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Arrow Supported Parameter Conversions and Mappings of the CINEMA 4D Exporter

This section describes which Okino scene graph entities are exported to the CINEMA-4D file.

Polygon Geometry

All main Okino 3D primitives will be converted and output as CINEMA-4D polygonal meshes with optional vertex normals, multiple sets of vertex (u,v) texture coordinates and optional vertex bone deformation skinning weights.

CINEMA-4D does not support vertex colors nor does it support 3D point cloud data.

If an Okino object definition is instanced multiple times (which is common from CAD files, such as IGES), then multiple geometry instances will be output to the CINEMA-4D file. Any two instances of the same base geometry object, which reference different materials, will require that the base geometry object be duplicated.

Also refer to: 'Selective Output Options Panel # 1'


The following camera types and camera parameters are converted.

Okino Entity CINEMA-4D Entity
Perspective camera Perspective camera output as either a 'free' (rotation based) camera or a targeted (look-from, look-at) camera. FOV defines the projection plane size. Near-clipping plane is set.
Orthographic camera Orthographic camera output as either a 'free' (rotation based) camera or a targeted (look-from, look-at) camera. ZOOM defines the projection plane size. Near-clipping plane is set.

Also refer to: 'Selective Output Options Panel # 2'


The following light types and light parameters are converted:

Okino Entity CINEMA-4D Entity
Point light Point light
Spot light Spot light
Directional light Directional light
Ambient light Ambient light
RGB color Color
Enabled Node's 'Enabled' flag
Intensity Intensity
Delta angle (spot light) Inner cone angle
Cut off angle (spot light) Outer cone angle
Shadow Type Okino 'Shadow Maps' to 'Soft'. Okino 'Ray Traced' to 'Hard'.

Also refer to: 'Main Options Panel'


The CINEMA-4D shading model has a direct mapping from Okino materials, except that it has no 'luminous' (emissive) color.

Okino Material Parameter CINEMA-4D Material Parameter
Ambient color Converted to 'Luminance' color with optional re-normalization.
Diffuse color Converted to 'Color' with optional re-normalization.
Specular color Converted to 'Specular' color with optional re-normalization.
Luminous color Does not exist
Phong shading model 'Plastic' specular mode
Phong shininess strength Algorithmically remapped to the 'Specular Width'. 'Specular Height' set to 1.0.
Opacity Output as 'Transparency' by inverting the opacity value.
IOR (index of refraction) Converted directly to 'Refraction'

Also refer to: 'Materials Panel'

Texture Maps

The following are the various texture modulation methods supported and their equivalent texture modulation method in CINEMA-4D.

Okino Texture Map CINEMA-4D Texture Map
Ambient map 'Luminance' color texture map
Diffuse map 'Color' texture map
Specular map 'Specular' texture map
Luminous map Does not exist
Opacity map 'Transparency' texture map

Also refer to: 'Materials Panel'

Mesh Skinning

Mesh skinning is the deformation of a single skin mesh by a deformer. Full skinning support is provided during CINEMA-4D export.

Okino is particularly proud of its skinning conversion pipeline, based on the Okino 'Artic' toolkit that allows us to guarantee numerically accurate skinning conversions between all of the major animation systems and file formats.

Also refer to: 'Selective Output Options Panel # 1'

NURBS/Spline/Linear Shapes and Curves

The CINEMA-4D exporter allows Okino's 2D and 3D cubic spline curves, NURBS curves and spline shapes to be converted into closed cubic curves, polylines or closed polygon meshes. How these are output to CINEMA-4D is controlled via the various drop-down combo boxes on the 'Curves Option Panel'.

Okino Curve Type CINEMA-4D Geometry Type
3D PolyLine Linear spline
Linear spline curve Linear spline
Bezier spline curve Bezier spline
B-spline curve Resampled to Bezier spline
NURBS curve Resampled to Bezier spline

Also refer to:

Animation Conversion

Okino pioneered the concept of animation cross conversion between all major high-end animation programs and file formats, and hence has a very complex & refined "conversion engine". This 'Arctic' conversion engine allows any form of source animation data to be exported cleanly and properly to CINEMA-4D.

Exported Object Animation Channels
Scale as explicit X,Y, Z animation channels
Euler rotations as explicit H,P,B (heading, pitch, bank) animation channels with a fixed ZYX Euler rotation order - "R12" animation compatibility mode.
Or, Euler rotations as explicit X,Y, Z animation channels with arbitrary Euler rotation order ("R13" or newer animation compatibility mode)
Translation as explicit X,Y, Z animation channels
Object pivot points, either embedded in the mesh data or added as new 'anti-pivot' dummy transform nodes.

Exported Camera Animation Channels
'Targeted' cameras as explicit XYZ translation animation channels for the 'Look-from' and 'Look-at' locations
'Free' camera as XYZ Euler rotation animation channels with a 'target distance' animation channel and XYZ 'look-from' translation animation channels

Exported Light Animation Channels
Shine-from location as explicit X,Y, Z translation animation channels
Orientation as explicit X,Y, Z Euler rotation animation channels (for directional lights), or explicit X, Y, Z shine-at translation for spot lights.
R, G, B Light color

Also refer to:


1) CINEMA-4D does not use the more modern 'quaternion' rotation interpolation method and hence is instead limited to Euler-based rotation channels.

2) Rotations will be output as either HPB (heading, pitch, bank in ZXY Euler order) or as various Euler-ordered XYZ modes - the latter is preferred for CINEMA-4D R13 or newer. The choice can be made via the "(Animation) Compatibility Mode" combo box. Please refer to that section for a good overview of the difference between these two animation rotation output modes.

3) Constant, Linear and Bezier keyframe interpolation methods are supported in exporting to CINEMA-4D animation curves.

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