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Features of this Editor, Viewer & Capture Program

File Format "Image Server"

Adds dozens of additional import/export 2D bitmap, Quicktime, DirectShow, video and Flash file formats as an "image server" to the rest of the main PolyTrans/NuGraf software. For example, the main NuGraf scanline/ray-trace renderer can accept 2D texture maps from any of the 2D bitmap, video or Flash input file formats supported by the editor plug-in.

Image Resizing and Manipulation Options

Flip, reverse, rotate (by any degree), shear, trim extraneous parts and resize.

Color Modification Controls

  • Change colored images to Halftone, 8 Bit Gray Scale or reduce to any number of bits using color reduction.

  • Change the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Gamma and Intensity.

  • Compute color histograms and use them to equalize the image or change its contrast.

  • Invert the image colors or fill the current image (or defined region) with a predefined color.

  • Find the number of unique colors in an image.

  • Solarize or make contours from the colors in an image.

Image Digital Filtering

Gradient, Laplacian, Sobel, Prewit, Shift & Difference and Line Segment digital filters can be applied to the image.

Image Effects

Multiple image effects are provided, each with multiple parameters and interactive preview via custom dialog boxes: Posterize, Mosaic, Average, Median, Sharpen, Add Noise, Emboss, Underlay, Edge Enhance, and Oilify.

Changes Per-Image or Per-Region

"Regions", such as rectangular, elliptical, curved, Bezier, etc. can be defined on the image. Image operations can then be applied to these regions instead of the whole image.

Extensive Bitmap Capture Capabilities

A hidden gem of this editor is its ability to capture bitmaps from a wide variety of useful sources on your computer.

  • A Window Area
  • The Active Window
  • The Active Window Client
  • The Window Under Cursor
  • The Full Screen
  • The Menu Under Cursor
  • The Window Object Under Cursor
  • The Mouse Cursor
  • The Wallpaper
  • From contents of .exe file (Dialog Tree) ...
  • From contents of .exe file (Dialog Tabbed View) ...

TWAIN-Compliant Capturing

A TWAIN compliant hosting mechanism is available which allows image to be captured from scanners, USB cameras and any other TWAIN compliant video source.

Modeless Windows Operation

The bitmap editor is a modeless window. This means that it can remain open at all times while working elsewhere in the main program. If you have dual monitors then you can move the bitmap editor over to the second monitor otherwise the main program will determine when to hide or resize the bitmap editor to keep it out of the way.

Multi-Media Video File Playback

  • Full support for viewing all Microsoft DirectShow and Apple Quicktime supported video and multi-media file formats.
  • Macromedia Flash viewing when Quicktime 6 or newer has been installed on the computer. Quicktime will convert the Flash (SWF) file to a QuickTime movie prior to playback.

Other Features

  • Full undo/redo mechanism allows image changes to be easily made and undone.
  • "Floaters" allow floating image areas (created by the region commands) to be placed over the main image.
  • A "magnifying" glass allows a rectangular region of the image to be zoomed interactively.
  • A "pan window" allows a large image to be navigated by moving a red rectangle in a smaller pan window.
  • Drag & drop 2D bitmap filenames from Windows Explorer, or from the Okino "Explore Mode" user interface to the bitmap editor to edit/view the files.