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An Introduction

This plug-in system for NuGraf & PolyTrans is a general purpose image bitmap editor, bitmap viewer, video viewer and bitmap capture program. It allows every major 2D bitmap file format to be loaded, viewed, manipulated and re-saved in almost every major 2D bitmap file format. A wide range of multi-media video formats can also be played back, but not modified. Numerous image manipulation functions and operations are provided, as well as access to various image manipulation plug-ins. This plug-in system comes with each base-level version of Okino's main PolyTrans & NuGraf prorgams, version 4.1 or newer.

This plug-in system also acts as an "image server" to the rest of the host Okino PolyTrans/NuGraf software. Thus, other aspects of the Okino software can call on this plug-in system to load in specific files (such as specific frames of a Flash, Quicktime or AVI file), or save them out to another file format.

NOTE: The bitmap editor is a modeless window. This means that you can keep this window open while working elsewhere in the main program. If you have dual monitors then you can move the bitmap editor over to the main window and it can remain open at all times. If you press the "X" button on the bitmap editor's toolbar, or press the normal Windows close tiny icon, then the bitmap editor will be hidden from view but not terminated; the editor can be unhidden by selecting it from the "Windows" main program menu.

Sub-sections of the online documentation:

The following is the complete online documentation for the plug-in system. If you only wish to read through the most interesting aspects of the documentation then click on the hyper-links with the ** markings:

** Features of the Multi-Media Plug-In System

Menu Descriptions:

Keyboard function keys

Bitmap Editor Options

File Save and Load Options

Area Capture Options

New Canvas Options

Disclaimer: this Okino plug-in system was originally written to be a nice, easy to use, simple bitmap image viewer. It grew from this simple beginning into a general purpose bitmap image viewer, editor and image capture program. It was not meant to, nor does, compete with the capabilities and features of a dedicated bitmap editing and manipulation program. However, it does act as a major backbone to the overall Okino software.