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Keyboard Function Mapping

This table describes the current keyboard accelerators. The '^' character means that you have to hold down the 'Ctrl' key along with the second key.

Key Function
^C Copy to clipboard
Ctrl+Insert Copy to clipboard
^V Paste from clipboard
Shift+Insert Paste from clipboard
^O Open new file
^S Save current image to disk
^Z Undo the last operation
ALT+Backspace Undo the last operation
ALT+Z Re-do the last operation
^F Zoom the window to the extents of the entire image
^W Zoom to the horizontal extents of the image
^H Zoom to the vertical extents of the image
ALT+S Zoom to original resolution of the image
^R Start the rectangular region extents mode
^Q Cancel the current region
Shift+DEL Close current image