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General Options

Maximum Level of Undo/Redo

This sets the maximum number of undo steps for images. It defaults to 10. Internally a stack of 10 images is kept and thus you can step backwards up to 10 times or step forward once. The "redo" buffer basically undoes the last Undo operation.

Accept Drag & Drop Files

If enabled, files can be dropped from Windows Explorer or Okino's Explore Mode user interface over top of the bitmap editor, and the image will be automatically loaded if this option is enabled.

Default Zoom Factor

This is the zoom factor for the "Zoom" toolbar command. Every time you click the image it will be zoomed in or out by this factor. The default is 1.3 and the minimum value is 1.0.

Fit Mode for Newly Loaded Images
Fit to Window

When a new image is loaded it will be zoomed so that the whole image can be seen.

Show 1:1 Actual Pixels

When a new image is loaded it will be zoomed so that the window shows the image at its actual 1:1 pixel resolution.

Magnify Tool Options

The magnification tool is available by selecting its menu item from the main "Edit" menu. This tool provides an interactive rectangular magnifying region.

Magnification Window Width
Magnification Window Height

This is the width and height of the region.

Zoom Factor

This is the default magnification level. The default is 400%.

Startup Editor Window Type and Position

The "Type" combo box specifies which type of window will be created to hold the multi-media editor. The primary types are MDI document (full screen within the MDI client space), floating, docked, or docked to tab (expanded/collapsed). You are free to pick and choose whichever method you wish. For a full explanation, with visual queues, please press the "Help" button located to the right of the "Type" combo box in this section; it will show the help from the main PolyTrans or NuGraf help file about MDI document and docking windows.

The "Docking position" combo box specifies the edge of the main program's workspace where docking or expandable/collapsible windows will be automatically docked.